Weems is - Wemyss - Weems - Uaimh - Scotland Family Name


Books by Weems/Wemyss authors

Building Speaker Enclosures by David Weems

Building Speaker Enclosures by David Weems 1984

Designing Building and Testing Speaker Enclosures by David Weems

TAB Books 1984, 4th Edition shown here

Job and His Times

Job and His Times by Thomas Wemyss

Job and His Times, or A Picture of the Patriarchal Age during the period between Noah and Abraham, published by Jackson and Walford, London 1839

Job and His Times book cover outside - Patriarchal Age by Thomas Wemyss - 1839

South by Bill Weems

South by Bill Weems - Books of photography - 1987

Book of photography, published by Graphic Arts Center Publishing, 1987, Second Printing shown here

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